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Dates Hour 1 (12:00pm - 1:00pm ET) Hour 2 (1:00pm - 2:00pm ET) Instructor
07/06/2020 Basics of Machine Infrastructure and System Setup Hands On Sudarsun
07/07/2020 Basics of Internet Measurements and Cloud Computing Hands On Ram
07/08/2020 Distributed Applications - Cassandra Case Study Hands On Sudarsun
07/09/2020 Deploying Applications Hands On Ram
07/10/2020 Paper 1, Paper 2 Hands-on with the statistics and experiment planning tools Rob Ricci and Dmitry Duplyakin

Lecture materials will be availabile in the Piazza page

Meeting Mode

The summer school will be online this year.

We will use Piazza for questions. Please sign up!

Please see Piazza for Zoom meeting and password information.


RISE summer school is geared towards deploying applications in geographically distributed data centers connected through a wide-area network. For hands-on infrastructure, we will use NSF CloudLab infrastructure. We will provide more details about getting access to the CloudLab infrastructure as we move closer to the summer school dates.