It is our job to spend time with our students and to help them get better at research and achieve their professional goals. To that end, we would offer the following to the students in our group:

  • Every student in our group will get individual guidance and attention from us. This is applicable for research, writing and presentation: we will work with you from formulating research questions to overcoming technical issues to writing good papers to molding you into an excellent speaker. We will meet at least once a week either one-on-one or as a group. You will become part of an active and cooperative research team of graduate and undergraduate students.

  • We will offer professional supports towards your career goal and fully support internships and collaborations with companies and research labs. You will receive a great deal of attention not only from us but also from our external collaborators who are well-known senior researchers in the networking community, and senior members of the ONRG. We will communicate our expectations at the beginning and help you set your research and career goals.

  • We strive for a healthy work-life balance via social activities from time-to-time and are strongly against working in the weekends. Similarly, we support taking short breaks after major deadlines.

  • Eugene (and Oregon in general) is a beautiful and exciting place to live during your PhD. In addition to the beautiful Crater Lake, Columbia Gorge and Pacific coast line that are only a couple of hour drive, there are many gorgeous forests, lakes, rivers, ski slopes to explore. Also, the cost of living in Eugene is much lower than cities; note that your monthly stipend is very similar to other universities. This implies that you can live more comfortably with your monthly stipend in Eugene.

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